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Our Refusal Is Divine

✨“My Refusal is DIVINE.” A timely top of week affirmation, liberated love note to self that I offer to you🖤✨.

Our "no’s” in the context of harmful and dehumanizing systems is a transcendent, spiritual form of resistance. If you ask me, that’s worth overstating.

In this week’s episode of #LiberatedLoveNotes I share a few present day #NaomiOsaka and historical anecdotes (The story of Igbo Landing) that offer us possibility for what it means to own our Refusal and honor it as divine; and moreover, leverage it in service of our collective humanity 🖤✨

"Our Refusal is Divine.”

Whether it's saying "no" to uncompensated emotional labor, turning down invitations to join all the diversity committees, or prioritizing one's own well-being in the face of toxic capitalism... our refusal is divine.

Listen to the full episode.


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