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Who heals the healer?

Who holds the practitioner accountable?

Who supports the change maker with BEing the change they expect of others?

In Loving Accountability: Video

In Loving Accountability Coaching & Consulting supports equity focused institutions, leaders, change makers and entrepreneurs with embodying their values and co-creating strategies, systems, and cultures that align their good intentions with the impact they strive to have on the world.

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loving accountability

/ ləviNG / ə-ˌkau̇n-tə-ˈbi-lə-tē /

  1. A way of BEing rooted in radical love, vulnerability, candor and grace.

  2. A praxis that supports leaders, builders, and change makers with narrowing the gap between their values and good intentions, and how they show up.

  3. A DOing ... an ongoing commitment to engaging in one's own "intrapersonal reckoning," examining the impact one has on the people they lead and serve, and repairing harm when it happens.

In Loving Accountability: Text

What's Love got to do with it?

“Domination cannot exist in any social situation where a Love ethic prevails”

bell hooks

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Core Offerings


Group Coaching Program for Black & Brown Changemakers and Leaders

Heart-Soul-Community Centered approach to coaching that is uniquely designed for Black people doing DEI work and/or working in predominantly white spaces and Black Employee Resource Group members and leaders.

Support Group

Strategic Accountability Partnership & Consulting

Triage and Ongoing Strategy Support for CEOs & Founders, DEI Leaders & Consultants, Social Good Entrepreneurs and Change makers


Curriculum Design and Facilitation

Design & Facilitation of high impact learning experiences tailored to specific audiences 

Facilitation support for intact teams, equity focused program committees, working groups, councils and convenings

In Loving Accountability: Projects

Let's reimagine ...together

“For the master’s tools will never dismantle the master’s house. They may allow us temporarily to beat him at his own game, but they will never enable us to bring about genuine change."

Audre Lorde

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Keynotes & Speaking Engagements

Sometimes the goal is to plant seeds of transformation at scale or to reach larger audiences. Keynotes are authentic, impactful experiences that leave audiences walking away with more questions to challenge and evolve how they show up in the world and work. 

Common topics include: 

  • Leadership as a Love Practice 

  • Rememberings & Unlearnings on Radical Self-Love and Care 

  • An Ode To Black Brilliance

  • "I Am Not My Work" 

  • Embodying a Justice-Orientation

Brunch & unLearn™

One of our signature offerings geared towards organizations and teams who are ready to engage in transformative dialogue and community building about topics related to anti-racism, justice, love and liberation. When facilitated in-person, the experience also involves communing over food, intentionally prepared by a Black-owned or operated restaurateur that is local to the organization's community.

Possibility Pods™

Quarterly convening that brings together change makers, practitioners, and leaders from different sectors whose work is grounded in equity and justice to discuss pressing challenges and opportunities…and imagine possibilities.

These pods are not about what is "practical," or "pragmatic"... we focus on imagination and co-creating possibility.

In Loving Accountability: List

“You cannot create what you cannot imagine.”

Lucille Clifton | bell hooks

In Loving Accountability: Quote
In Loving Accountability: Testimonials
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Zach Nunn, PHR, SHRM-CP (He/Him/His)

CEO & Founder, Living Corporate

"Brittany is an incredible talent and mind. I have been riveted by her thought leadership on matters of inclusive leadership, equity and organizational justice. Her voice has and will continue to lead this work to the future."

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