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Strategic Accountability Partnership & Consulting

Triage and Ongoing Strategy Support for CEOs & Founders, DEI Leaders & Consultants, Social Good Entrepreneurs and Change makers

  • If you are a DEI leader, practitioner or consultant, consider me something like the voice on your shoulder holding you accountable to your values, purpose, and strides toward equity and justice.

  • In the spirit of loving accountability, we’ll engage in your own remembering, unlearning, and redefining journey that supports you with staying calibrated and experiencing greater clarity as you “do the work.” Part of this work involves an ongoing commitment to exploring questions like: 

    • How does anti-blackness and white supremacy show up in me, my behaviors, my leadership and practice? 

    • What does it mean to stay grounded and rooted in my values and “why,” even as the world around me evolves and shifts? 

    • In what ways have I caused (or been complicit in) harm without even knowing it, and how can I begin to repair and restore relationships with those I lead and serve?

  • If you are interested in institutional support, we partner with you to identify gaps that exist in your awareness as a leader, uncover inequitable practices and cultural norms within your teams and organization, and co-create new possibility models that honor the humanity of those you lead and serve. 

Strategic Consulting: Projects
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