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Habari Gani?!?!

This week, along with many other Black families around the world, our family is celebrating Kwanzaa. It has become something my five-year-old looks forward to following Christmas. We use it as an opportunity to reflect on the Nguzo Saba, the seven principles of Kwanzaa and share the ways we have strived to practice them throughout the year. We also typically engage in an activity that resonates with the little one.

Whether you're new or true to the tradition of Kwanzaa, here are a few things you can consider doing with your family this week to celebrate:

  • Ask each other what the principle means to you, and share one way you have or will continue to practice the principle in your day-to-day.

  • Engage in an arts and craft activity. For example, we've created affirmation mirrors and decorated Sankofa Birds (check out this free download).

  • Cook a family meal together and/or purchase from one of your favorite Black owned restaurants. This week, we'll be ordering from one of my FAVORITE caterers in Baltimore, The H3irloom Group.

  • Read a book or poem that is related to the principle for the day. Braxton (my son) enjoys "Hey, Black Child." Yesterday, we read a chapter out of Julia A. Davis' "I Like My Brown Skin Because..."

  • Research a Black-led organization in your community and discuss the impact they are having. Donate you time, talent, or treasure to their efforts. Baltimore-based CLLCTIVLY is a good place to start if you're local to the area.

  • Dance -- I LOVE Culture Queen's songs and newly released Kwanzaa slide. Prior to the pandemic, I would take my son to her shows during Kwanzaa at our local museum. YouTube is the next best thing.

  • Pick a song that relates to the principles and curate your own affirming playlist. Music is healing for me.

  • And last but certainly not least... pull a Liberated Love Note, recite them individually or in community, and share what it means to you. Journal on it.

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