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How I Strive to Change the World...


I partner with change makers.

I build learning curriculum and facilitate spaces for community and capacity building. I leverage my background in learning experience design, facilitation, and equity & justice strategy development to partner with other Black entrepreneurs, creatives, and change agents on projects that focus on the liberation of all Black people.


I coach and advise.

I am a loving accountability partner & coach. I advise Black DEI practitioners, facilitators, and leaders on strategies for centering Blackness and justice in their work. I serve as a thought partner for Black folks working in white spaces and design tools and practices that support cultivating a robust sense of self.


I speak and write.

 I write and speak on topics related to fostering radical self-love and greater self-understanding; boundaries and communal care; thriving while Black in white spaces; unlearning internalized oppression and capitalism; authenticity, owning our power & enacting our agency, and Black motherhood.

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A Love & Accountability Note on My Use of The Wisdom Knot: 
As a Black person, this symbol resonates with me.... AND it’s also not lost on me that there is a complex history of appropriating African culture that I exist within. That as a Black American, I have certainly been harmed by, yet also benefit from the colonization of the continent. I honor this tension & complexity.

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